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Best CRM Software for nonprofits

Attract more donors, nurture long-term supporters and communicate the impact they’ve made to your cause. Pipedrive’s nonprofit CRM lets you manage donors, members and volunteers from one platform.

What is a nonprofit CRM?

Nonprofit customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to streamline your operations by keeping track of your donor activity, events and volunteers. Track the efficiency of your marketing and estimate fundraising potential with multiple workflows and automations.

Nurture new and existing donors

Follow-up with new campaign donors and personalize your messaging based on previous activity. Turn one-time supporters into long-term members with targeted email communications.

Manage volunteers and estimate fundraising

Which of your members contribute to your campaigns through volunteering? Keep a database of active volunteers using custom fields, turning your CRM into a powerful volunteer management platform.

Valuable member communications

Members love seeing the impact they’ve made to your cause. Use smart segmentation to send personalized communications, keeping your members in the loop while encouraging repeat donations.

Streamline your workflows and operations

Automate tasks, assign tasks to the right coordinators and create rules to help your member services team provide next-level customer service.

Create event management workflows at fundraisers

Capture sign-ups from new donors and log every touch-point at your events. Get a complete overview of who has communicated with individual members and the nature of those interactions.

Make data-backed decisions

Create customized dashboards for every stakeholder across your nonprofit organization. Keep your finger on the pulse of your financial health and create forecasts based on upcoming donor activity.

How nonprofit CRM software can help you convert more donors

Too many charities and nonprofit organizations rely on broken processes. This leads to your most engaged advocates receiving messages and emails that they don't resonate with.

Your members want to know how they can continue to help with the causes they care most about. Without a centralized contact and volunteer management system, it's impossible to nurture loyal and long-term relationships with your constituents.

Whether you're looking to attract new members or generate recurring donations, a nonprofit CRM platform can help you deliver bulletproof communications that sparks a movement.

Make donor management a breeze

Using different systems across departments can create logistical nightmares. Delivering a delightful customer experience and compelling marketing to engaged donors is tough when information is scattered.

Nonprofit contact management software becomes the single source of truth for all your donor and member information. Keep a detailed record of communications and donations to provide a better experience to advocates.

Find out how you can manage donors and leads with Pipedrive

Streamline your workflows and finances

How much time does your team spend on daily admin work like updating records, organizing donations and keeping track of fundraising activity?

Pipedrive helps streamline these processes, automating common administration tasks and keeping your finances in order with donation payment processing through our powerful accounting integrations.

Discover how Pipedrive automates your workflow

Provide a memorable member experience

Nurturing donors is a critical part of a nonprofit’s growth strategy. Keeping members engaged and generating repeat donations is far easier than acquiring new ones.

Which is why having a CRM to customize member segments by campaign, donation amount, frequency and location is critical. Send personalized emails and deliver messaging based on donor profiles.

Learn how Pipedrive keeps you connected

What to look for in a nonprofit CRM solution

Nonprofits have their own set of needs when managing contacts, so it’s critical you find a CRM platform that has the capabilities to achieve your goals. Here’s what to look for in a CRM for your small nonprofit:

Donor segmentation

Finding different member types is critical for nonprofit growth. A good nonprofit CRM will allow you to create custom fields to segment your donors by different variables.

Campaign management functionality

Marketing and fundraising activity must be simple to manage. Find a CRM that helps you keep track of your online and offline campaigns and their effectiveness from one place.

Accurate reporting

How’s your donation forecast looking for the next quarter? How many donations did a campaign raise last month? The right CRM will help you answer these questions and more.

How Pipedrive is helping one grassroots charity

Pipedrive is a total gamechanger for our charity. It’s given us structure, it’s given us continuity. It just takes all the stuff that’s always happening and puts it in a manageable kind of process.

Shanna WhanCEO / Sober in the Country (SITC)

How does a CRM for nonprofit organizations work?

With the right nonprofit CRM, you’re able to manage constituent relationships, log communications from anywhere (including events) and track donations, member communications, event attendees and volunteers.

  • Attract new members and convert them into volunteers or donors
  • Track the effectiveness across all marketing and social media activity
  • Record donors, volunteers, event attendees and fundraisers with custom fields
  • Create automated accounting and payment workflows with our integrations
  • Send personalized messaging to activate donors for fundraising campaigns
  • Capture new member information at events or “in the field”
  • Build pipelines for all your workflows, communications and outreach efforts

How to set up your nonprofit CRM software

  • 1. Create member, volunteer and donor segments with custom fields

    Every member is different. Some are volunteers and others donate on a regular basis. You must have visibility into each of these segments in order to reach your goals and provide an exceptional member experience.

    When using Pipedrive for the first time, create custom fields to build these member segments into your CRM software for nonprofit organizations. Attribute each contact manually, or use automations to segment them based on behavior or donation activity.

  • 2. Set up new fundraising and donor nurture campaigns

    In order to nurture members into repeat donors, you must be able to send personalized messaging based on their interests. This means aligning your campaigns and fundraising priorities with the causes your members care about.

    With your member segments set up, create marketing campaigns and nurture workflows that send the right message to the right prospects and members. Provide transparent updates on where funds are allocated, encouraging additional donations to help your cause.

  • 3. Integrate forms and other touch-points to your nonprofit CRM

    Donor data entry and manually updating contact information can take a huge amount of time for your member-facing teams.

    Record every touch-point from your website and in the field. Integrate contact forms and communications with your CRM to store every interaction with your members in one place.

  • 4. Create dashboards to monitor the health of your nonprofit finances

    With our insights and reporting features, you can create custom dashboards for every stakeholder and role across the business.

    Want to keep chairpeople abreast of fundraising activity? Or perhaps a personalized dashboard for member-facing teams? There’s a report for everyone to measure the metrics that matter most.

Make your nonprofit operations more efficient with integrations

Automate your workflows with our powerful CRM solutions for nonprofits. Streamline your nonprofit operations by connecting with your email marketing and team communication tools.

Here are some essential integrations for nonprofit teams.


Email marketing is a critical channel for fundraising. Send personalized email campaigns based on member segments with our Mailchimp integration.

Explore Pipedrive’s Mailchimp integration.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your nonprofit organization. Streamline your operations by feeding online donation and payment data straight into your accounting software.

Automate donor payment reconciliation and bookkeeping with Pipedrive’s Xero integration.


Prospecting can take out large chunks of your day. Put donor engagement on autopilot and give your members multiple ways to get in touch.

Improve prospecting and member interactions with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.

Microsoft Teams

Send notifications to your membership teams when important events take place.

Keep your teams in the loop with Pipedrive’s Microsoft Teams integration.


Record inbound phone enquiries to your nonprofit CRM. Keep track of follow-up activity and dial contacts right from within Pipedrive.

Discover Pipedrive’s Aircall integration.


Finding a CRM that integrates with your tools can lengthen the adoption process. Pipedrive integrates with Zapier, connecting you with more than 3,000 other apps and platforms.

Automate your tasks with Zapier and Pipedrive.

Spend less time on admin and more time fundraising!