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Email and market segmentation

Reach the right contact with the right message

Your email subscribers probably come from different demographics, are at different stages in the buying cycle and have different workflows and needs. So, why would you want to send them all the same marketing campaigns?

The less you personalize your emails, the more likely they are to end up exactly where you don’t want them: in the trash!

With Campaigns’ email segmentation tool, you can filter your recipient list based on campaign data and interactions and send targeted emails to make sure the right message gets delivered to the right people.

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Pipedrive’s email segmentation solution

What to look for in an email marketing segment solution

Here’s what you should look out for in an email marketing segment solution:

  • Ability to add multiple contact filters: You should be able to filter contacts based on specific criteria to avoid sending them irrelevant information.

  • Easy subscriber targeting with campaign data: A good email marketing segment tool should also give you the option to filter subscribers based on campaign data.

  • Option to filter out contacts: To avoid emailing groups who might not be interested in your product, it’s important to be able to filter out some contacts.

  • Highly customizable settings: The more customizable the email marketing tool’s filtering options are, the easier it is to make sure your message is being delivered to the right people.

  • User-friendly interface: Segmenting your contacts into subgroups should be seamless and intuitive without you having to watch long-winded tutorials.

People filters

Segment contacts based on criteria such as deals, activities and products

Campaign filters

Use campaign data to target subscribers based on email open date, engagement rate and more

Mix item fields

Combine contact filters with campaign data filters to send ultra-personalized professional emails

Customize segmenting

Create subgroups based on pre-existing custom filters in your Pipedrive CRM


Pipedrive’s email segmentation tool

Pipedrive’s email segmentation tool lets you filter your recipient list so you can make sure the right message reaches the right contacts, as well as keep your email marketing relevant to avoid spamming subscribers.

Make use of customizable filters to target contacts who meet certain criteria or filter out those who don’t. Select multiple filters based on campaign data such as title, send date, interactions and subscription date.


Marketing segments

Getting bombarded with irrelevant marketing emails time and time again can be a huge turn-off for subscribers. If you’re not honing in on your contacts’ true wants and needs, your carefully crafted email campaigns might be overlooked or even end up in the spam folder.

With Campaigns by Pipedrive, you can target specific marketing segments with personalized and beautiful emails to nurture your hottest leads into deals.

Campaigns’ email editor requires no coding skills and allows you to easily select your desired fonts, import HTML email templates, embed gifs and add links to social media.

To pinpoint a specific prospect’s needs, you can create multiple, responsive email templates for different target groups, then draw upon data insights gathered by Pipedrive’s email analytics tool to direct emails toward who’s really interested and boost conversions.


Audience segmentation tools

Split your contacts into subgroups using Campaigns’ intuitive no-code filtering tool. You can target subscribers based on common fields in their deals, leads, contacts, activities and products (a.k.a. person filters).

What’s more, thanks to Pipedrive’s combined offering, you don’t need any additional plugins or integrations, let alone help from freelancers or HTML code. You can use Campaigns’ free email templates or its drag-and-drop editor to give your email the personal touch.

If those options aren’t specific enough for your marketing needs, you can also filter contacts by custom fields that you’ve already built into your Pipedrive.

Apply multiple filters to send emails to contacts that meet multiple sets of criteria. Or, in case you want to exclude contacts that match certain criteria, you have the option to filter out certain characteristics.


Campaign-specific filters

Campaigns by Pipedrive also enables you to select filters based on campaign data. Segment contacts based on the titles and dates of campaigns that were sent to them, as well as their interactions with the campaigns and subscription dates.

If campaign tracking has been enabled, you can even group subscribers by when they opened your campaigns, how often and how much they clicked on any embedded email links.

Campaign-specific data filters can be paired with person filters to further narrow down contact subgroups.

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Benefits of email segmentation software

Use an email marketing segmentation tool to:

  • Personalize emails to increase conversion
  • Reach your target audience segments
  • Create email groups based on contact data
  • Segment emails according to campaign data
  • Set multiple subgroup filters
  • Filter out certain contacts

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Email and market segmentation FAQ

  • What is segment marketing?

    Segment marketing, or market segmentation, is the process of dividing your target market into smaller subgroups with the goal of better understanding your audience to target them with the right message.

  • What is a segment in marketing?

    A marketing segment is a group of people who share certain characteristics, such as demographics, needs, priorities, common interests or other factors.

  • What is a target segment in marketing?

    A target segment is a group of people who share needs and desires that align with your product or services. By understanding who your target segment is, you can better tailor your marketing strategy, from email design to direct prospects to any landing page, improve your conversion rate and increase longevity.

  • How can I segment customers in marketing?

    To segment your customers, it’s important to first know who your current customers are by carrying out research. After you’ve collected enough customer data – like pricing constraints and desired functionality – you can then divide your audience into groups and work on how best to fulfill the needs of each group. Any new email you send will be sent out based on its segmentation needs and respective email clients.

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