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Send email marketing campaigns that deliver unbeatable results

Every business knows a carefully crafted email campaign goes a long way. It can help you build a customer base, establish brand loyalty and grow your business without growing a hole in your pocket.

But for an email campaign to succeed, you need more than an email service provider or even responsive email templates. And this is where software for email marketing comes in.

Campaigns by Pipedrive helps you win your prospects’ attention with beautiful, customizable layouts and keep it with tracking, analytics and filtering features.

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Pipedrive’s email marketing software

Create seamless workflows by combining CRM and email marketing software

Pipedrive is a powerful, easy-to-use CRM. Over 100,000 users across various countries and industries benefit from its incredibly intuitive interface.

You don’t need training to pick up Pipedrive and keep all your sales data visible, accessible and simple to manage. Thanks to Pipedrive’s actionable approach, you can quickly delegate tasks to team members, automate admin tasks and reach your max potential.

Campaigns by Pipedrive, Pipedrive’s email marketing software, is as intuitive and simple as our CRM solution.

Use its drag-and-drop elements to create your layout or choose a ready-made template. Then, enter your email and use data in Pipedrive to segment your recipients, and off you go!

Now, whenever you click on a contact’s name, you will not only see their contact information and history, but also email communication: Which emails did that recipient receive, whether they opened the email, if they did when and more. This will enable you to gauge their interest and tailor your offering to their needs.


Email builder

Email analytics

Email segmentation

Leverage CRM data to perfect your email marketing strategy

If you feel like you're

  • Lacking insights or engagement reports on marketing leads for your sales team
  • Wasting too much time on moving marketing data between platforms
  • Spending too much money on a dedicated tool

Campaigns by Pipedrive has you covered!

Pipedrive’s CRM and email marketing tools combine an action-based sales tool with powerful email marketing capabilities, bringing marketing and sales under one roof. You will have increased visibility into your revenue cycle and the functionality to work toward common goals to boost your bottom line.

Email builder

Cut marketing efforts with professional templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder

Email analytics

Discover which campaigns win the hearts of your audience with real-time reporting

Email segmentation

Reach the right customers with the right message


Email segmentation

Segmenting a recipient list helps you to reach the right customers with the right message. But doing it manually, or even using spreadsheet formulas, can take forever – especially if you’re using multiple filters.

Campaigns, Pipedrive’s email marketing software, helps you understand your customers’ preferences and filter contacts, so you can deliver tailored messages to the right sales contacts and increase your conversion rates. You can use its built-in filters, such as subscription status, email bounce reason, send date, unsubscribe date and many more.

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Email builder

Building a new email should be simple, intuitive and quick. HTML, api settings or even basic email design skills are a thing of the past.

With Campaigns by Pipedrive, you can either choose from a range of out-of-the-box free email templates, import pre-existing HTML templates or use a drag-and-drop email editor in the email marketing software, create an email from scratch or modify an existing one from our template editor. You can select your fonts, embed gifs, add pictures, social media links and other elements and make it yours in no time.

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Email analytics

Your email marketing campaign was sent! Great job! What now? How can you measure its success and optimize your email flow?

Luckily, Campaigns by Pipedrive allows you to deep dive into your data through the campaign reports and insights feature. Discover which campaigns win the hearts of your audience with real-time reporting, including open rate, click rate, click-through rate and total/unique clicks.

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Benefits of email marketing software

Use Campaigns by Pipedrive to:

  • Save sales and marketing pros time on email creation
  • Turn email marketing into a breeze
  • Create customizable emails with pro templates
  • Nurture your target prospects into hot leads
  • Know which campaigns win your audience
  • Deep dive into email data to improve your flow

Send email marketing campaigns that deliver unbeatable results

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If you’re interested in email marketing software, its advantages and the best email marketing practices, watch our demo video for a full feature walkthrough. Learn how companies like yours made Campaigns work for them, or compare Pipedrive’s software with other leading tools.

Email marketing software FAQ

  • What is email marketing software?

    Email marketing software is a tool or piece of software that enables salespeople and marketing teams to create, send, track and improve their email marketing flow. Such tools usually offer users easy ways to design emails and filter and optimize them based on certain criteria, such as open rate, click-through rate, number of unique clicks etc.

  • How to choose email marketing software?

    To choose the best marketing software, compare different services and choose the one that fits your needs and budget best. Normally, top considerations for email marketing software include email automation, scalability (whether you can grow your subscriber list as your business grows), reliability and user ratings, support and, last but not least, pricing.

  • Which email marketing software is the best?

    There are various reliable and affordable email marketing software. We advise you to ensure your selected email marketing software can work seamlessly with other tools, such as your CRM.

  • Why use email marketing software?

    Most sales and marketing professionals use email marketing software to streamline the process of planning, executing and monitoring their email marketing strategy. It helps them build a relationship with their audience, drive traffic and cultivate engagement with businesses and customers.

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