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Insurance CRM software

Pipedrive’s insurance CRM solutions let you create lean, digitized workflows. Provide a next-level customer experience while making pipeline management a breeze with powerful sales features.

What is an insurance CRM?

Insurance CRM software (customer relationship management) empowers you to run a smoother sales operation, manage new claims and make your insurance agents more productive, all while keeping a high-level overview of how every team is performing.

Help customers renew contracts on time

Send automatic follow-ups when a customer’s insurance policy is due for renewal. Never worry about lost revenue potential ever again.

Quickly assign cases and claims

Resolve new claims quickly, ensuring they get assigned to the right agent without delay. Increase customer satisfaction by improving your response rates.

Next-level customer communications

Manage your email, phone and live chat communications from a single platform. Meet your customers on the channels they’re most engaged with.

Streamline your sales processes

Automate tasks, assign policies and cases to the right reps, and create rules that ensure service level agreements are met.

Develop your reps’ skills with personalized training

Identify which reps are performing the best and who needs guidance in specific areas. Tailor your training programs to improve deal flow across your pipeline.

Make data-backed decisions

Granular reporting allows for a complete aerial view of your insurance operations. Collect the right data to make informed decisions backed by real insights.

Why is a CRM important for insurance brokers?

Insurance companies rely on a financial services CRM solution like Pipedrive to build lean sales workflows and case resolution processes. This allows them to remove high commission rates, giving cash back to customers while remaining profitable. As a result, customers are provided with a fulfilling experience, boosting customer loyalty across your insurance business.

A strong CRM for insurance agents also allows you to build a custom sales pipeline to fit your needs. Cut out stages that create unnecessary friction and tasks, providing a more streamlined case resolution process that delights your customers and empowers reps to close more deals.

To help manage every contact across your insurance business, create custom fields to record important information such as policy type and premium amounts. Get a complete overview of every customer touch-point and interaction from one place—no more digging through email inboxes to find important information. With Pipedrive, you’re given the functionality to take your lead management and marketing automation to the next level.

Stay on top of every deal and renewal

It can be difficult to keep track of every case or deal when information is spread across silos. This creates operational headaches and provides customers with a sub-par experience.

With Pipedrive, you can keep on top of every contact, claim and touch-point across your organization. Monitor each stage of the sales process, how many deals are unresolved and how your teams are performing from a single dashboard.

Find out how you can manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Better prioritize your customer’s needs

Providing a customer experience that solidifies loyalty is a critical goal for insurance firms. The longer it takes to respond to leads and process claims, the more likely another firm will swoop in and impress your customers.

Insurance CRM software allows you to respond to customers in record time. All your communications are stored in one place so reps know which customers are assigned to them and when they need to respond to meet SLAs and outperform the insurance industry average.

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Streamline communications and boost productivity

Juggling several tools can be a pain. Not only does this create more steps when looking for information, but menial tasks like data input can be a huge time suck for you and your reps.

Make productivity a breeze, having your CRM do the heavy lifting with our powerful integrations. Automate document sending, SMS updates and Slack notifications to ensure every agent is kept in the loop.

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How does a CRM for insurance brokers work?

Choosing the right CRM in insurance will help your reps provide reliable customer communications, become more productive and follow-up with customers at the right time, every time. A good insurance CRM will help you and your brokers:

  • Build a pipeline to fit your sales process and streamline case resolution
  • Record information such as policy type and amount for every contact
  • Get an overview of every contact and their communication history
  • Integrate with tools used across your insurance business and build workflow automations with Zapier
  • Automate document sending, SMS updates and Slack notifications to ensure every agent is kept in the loop
  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your leads and customers are engaging with your business

How Pipedrive helped one health insurance company optimize their sales process

Before Pipedrive, German health insurance brand Leni, Leon & die Luchse relied on Gmail to manage all customer communications. They quickly realized this was causing them to lose leads and needed a better solution to help them grow.

Using Pipedrive, they started this journey by building a pipeline to fit their current sales process, allowing them to collect important lead data from the very first touch-point. After recognizing that their sales process had too many steps, they cut it down to size to make it more streamlined and manageable.

Now, Leni, Leon & die Luchse have a full overview on the status of every deal. The days of digging through Gmail and notes are finally over with a powerful lead management solution.

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How to set up your insurance CRM software

  • 1. Set up your processes for new leads and cases

    When you first log in to Pipedrive, you’ll see a visual representation of your sales pipeline. Here, you can customize deal stages and build new deal flows to manage opportunities across your entire organization.

    Create different pipeline workflows for inbound enquiries based on their stage in the buying cycle. Get visibility on how likely a lead is to convert at its current stage, as well as inactive deals that need immediate attention.

  • 2. Assign and resolve new claims

    Thanks to our powerful integrations, every touch-point a customer has with your brand will be collected, managed and stored in your CRM. You’ll have complete visibility on all enquiries as soon as a phone call is received or a form is submitted.

    Automatically assign tasks and due dates against cases, ensuring you’re meeting your SLAs to keep customer satisfaction at an all time high. Diagnose and fix retention issues by managing your customer communications in Pipedrive.

  • 3. Connect contact forms to your CRM

    How customers interact with your brand can make or break their experience. The longer it takes you to respond to an enquiry, the lower your chances of converting that lead into a happy customer.

    Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on provides web forms that give your leads an easy way to get in touch with you. Forms can be embedded anywhere, and chatbots allow customers to find answers to common questions without having to wait for reps to get back to them.

  • 4. Build your lead follow-up workflows

    In order to close leads, you need to follow-up with timely and relevant information. Trouble is, sending manual follow-up emails can be a further drain on your reps’ productivity. These tasks add up, creating another barrier to your reps doing what they do best: closing deals.

    With workflow automation in your insurance CRM solutions, you can run these tasks on autopilot. Send personalized email marketing automatically and at scale, providing the right leads with the right message, at the right time. Streamline your reps’ sales activities and remove mundane work from their day.

  • 5. Set up detailed reporting

    As an insurance and sales leader, having your finger on the pulse of your company’s health is critical. Getting visibility on how reps are performing, how long it takes for cases to be resolved on average and which activities are being neglected is critical to optimize your insurance operation.

    Using detailed reporting, you can get a complete overview of these areas of your business. Create customized dashboards to give every stakeholder the information that matters most to them. Collect deeper insights and identify new opportunities with compact, visual reports.

Take your sales process to the next level with the best CRM integrations

The right integrations will supercharge your insurance business and streamline productivity. Give your insurance reps the power to focus on the activity that makes an impact on your business.

Here are some integrations that every insurance business can benefit from.


Enable asynchronous communication across your organization. Our Slack integration sends important event notifications to your reps so they can act without delay.

Explore Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack integration.


Keep every team in the loop of how sales are performing. By integrating with Asana, you can ensure all sales projects are reported on, keeping stakeholders informed at all times.

Boost your post-sales process with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.


Prospecting can take out large chunks of your day. Put lead generation on autopilot and give your prospects multiple ways to get in touch.

Expand your lead generation tool set with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.


Insurance customers love receiving updates via SMS. Send timely text messages on autopilot with our Textline integration.

Stay connected on mobile with the Textline and Pipedrive integration.


Make document creation and sharing seamless. Go paperless with automated contracts and renewal notifications with PandaDoc.

Discover Pipedrive’s PandaDoc integration.


Finding a CRM that integrates with your tools can lengthen the adoption process. Pipedrive integrates with Zapier, connecting you with more than 3,000 other apps and platforms.

Automate your tasks with Zapier and Pipedrive.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!